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Disaster Repair and Cleanup for your Portland Home
fire & smoke restoration services in portland

If your home has been damaged by fire or smoke, you know that it can have a devastating effect on your family and lifestyle. At Great Western Restoration, we take fire and smoke damage very seriously, and are committed to helping you through this difficult situation by getting your home back to the way it was.

When fire strikes your home, it's essential to act quickly in order to protect your property and keep your loved ones safe. We offer fire damage restoration services to Portland and the surrounding area, including carpet cleaning, smoke damage repair, and fire restoration services. We will thoroughly clean the smoke and fire residue out of your home, repair any structural damage to the building, and work to clean and salvage your personal possessions.

What Causes Home Fires?

The best way to keep your home safe from fires is to learn what is most likely to cause them. These are the most common reasons for home fires in the United States:

  • Cooking accidents- Leaving a hot stove unattended, keeping flammable materials near the stove, and grease spills can all spark fires.
  • Heating equipment- Space heaters, fireplaces, wood stoves, and central heating units can all cause fires if they are used or maintained improperly.
  • Electrical accidents- Loose or frayed cords, older electrical outlets, inadequate wiring, and running cords near flammable materials can all cause house fires.
  • Smoking- Falling asleep while smoking, dropping lit cigarettes, and spilling hot cigarette ashes cause hundreds of house fires every year.

How Smoke Can Damage Your Home

When a fire has been put out, it's easy to assume that the extent of the damage is finished. However, fire and smoke damage can have lasting effects on your home and personal property. Here is what happens after a fire:

  1. Soot residue begins to settle as soon as a fire is put out. Soot is highly acidic, which means that it will begin to stain surfaces right away. Porous surfaces such as plaster and wallboard are particularly vulnerable to discoloration.
  2. In a few hours, the long-term effects of smoke damage become more obvious. Smoke reside will damage floors, carpeting, clothing, finished wood, and painted walls. It will also begin to rust and corrode metal.
  3. If your home is not treated right away by a smoke damage restoration company, much of your property may need to be replaced. The longer soot is allowed to remain in a home, the more comprehensive deterioration will be.

About Great Western Restoration

Your comfort is important to us. That is why we are so committed to our legacy of quality and outstanding customer service. Our service technicians will take all necessary steps to restore your home to its beautiful, safe, undamaged state—all while treating you to the customer service you deserve.

We will help by:

  • Cleaning your home of smoke and fire residue
  • Salvaging personal property
  • Repairing any structural damage
  • Cleaning your appliances and electronics of residue
  • Work with your insurance

Our skilled service technicians provide first-class fire damage restoration, smoke damage restoration, and water damage restoration to the Pacific Northwest. For more information about our fire and smoke damage repair services, call (503) 655-4739.

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