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Fire, Smoke & Water Damage Experts Servicing Homes in Portland

Recover from fire, smoke, and water damage with our expert assistance. At Great Western Restoration and Remodeling Inc., we provide disaster restoration and remodeling services throughout Northern Oregon and SW Washington. No one can predict when disaster will hit home, but when it happens, you can trust us to respond quickly. Our experienced professionals specialize in undoing the damage caused by fire, water, and wind.

We feature 24-hour service, seven days a week because disasters don’t just happen from 8-5. We were established in 1994 to help people recover quickly from fire, storm, and wind damage. Our remodeling and restoration services can not only give you peace of mind but get you back under the safety of your own roof quickly. Did you know that your mortgage company may be involved if you have a loss? Did you know you can possibly get a tax break?

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