• What You Can Do to Keep Pipes from Freezing

    Before the winter freezes begin, you must ensure your pipes will not freeze and cause you severe water damage cleanup in Portland. When a pipe freezes , and subsequently floods the surrounding area, you could be looking at unneeded stress and water damage restoration. Continue reading to learn how to keep your pipes from freezing […]

  • Answering Common Questions About Emergency Restoration Services

    Emergency restoration services near Portland are necessary when a fire, flood, or storm has caused significant damage to a home or building. Emergency services may include water, smoke, or fire damage restoration, depending on the emergency that occurred. However, customers still have some questions about emergency restoration services. Here are the answers to these common […]

  • How to Prevent Turkey Fryer Fires

    Grease fires are one of the most dangerous types of fires. When frying a turkey, you may be at risk for severe fire damage, if you are not careful. As you can see in the short video, turkey fryers cause large and damaging fires, which necessitates the need for fire damage restoration . Continue reading […]

  • The Importance of Dealing with Damaged Trees Following a Storm

    If a recent storm has blown through, you could be dealing with water damage, storm damage, and wind damage near Portland . Though water damage restoration is a very important task to undertake, you should not neglect your damaged trees and yard either. Storm and wind damage can cause a lot of problems inside and […]

  • Handling a House Flood Following a Burst Pipe

    In the event your home has suffered a burst pipe and house flood, you want to remain calm as you call for water damage cleanup near Portland. In addition to saving as many of your possessions as possible, water damage restoration can prevent health problems . It is necessary that restoration services arrive right away. […]

  • How Soot Can Damage Your Property

    Following a fire, whether large or small, your home is under attack within a few short minutes. The soot that accompanies smoke and fire damage can wreak havoc upon everything within the immediate vicinity in the hours that follow. It is only with professional smoke damage restoration that this attack can be halted. Continue reading […]

  • Why Immediate Response Is Important Following a Disaster

    It is smarter to call for emergency restoration services when the emergency occurs, rather than days or weeks later. Immediate response to fire and water restoration in Portland is necessary to protect your family’s health, your home, and your personal possessions. Continue reading to learn why immediate emergency restoration services is important following a disaster […]

  • Using Your Fireplace Safely This Season

    Going into the fall and winter seasons, it is smart to ensure your fireplace safety is up-to-date. By having your chimney inspected, you can help prevent fires and the need for future fire damage restoration. This can also help you avoid potential smoke and water damage restoration services near Portland . As you can see […]

  • Tips for Preventing Fires at Home

    The best way to avoid needing fire damage restoration is to not have a fire in the first place. When your home suffers a fire, the damage does not stop there. Your home will most likely have to undergo fire and water damage restoration, as well as smoke restoration near Portland. Here are some easy […]

  • The Damage that Smoke Can Do

    Without sufficient smoke damage restoration near Portland, your home and health can suffer temporary and permanent effects from the smoke damage. From increased asthmatic issues to ruined appliances and upholstery, even a little bit of smoke damage can wreak havoc throughout your home. When a fire occurs in your home, do not forget to schedule […]