• How Soot Can Damage Your Property

    Following a fire, whether large or small, your home is under attack within a few short minutes. The soot that accompanies smoke and fire damage can wreak havoc upon everything within the immediate vicinity in the hours that follow. It is only with professional smoke damage restoration that this attack can be halted. Continue reading to learn how soot can damage your property without effective fire and smoke damage restoration near Portland.

    Without soot and smoke damage cleanup, your carpeting, painting, personal items, furniture, and various surfaces could become irreparably damaged. Within minutes of a fire, the soot will permanently discolor porous materials. Within hours, soot can damage wooden furniture, rust and corrode metallic furniture or figurines, and flooring may need to be refinished or replaced. If soot and smoke damage is allowed to persist, without proper smoke damage restoration, then anything affected by the soot may be destroyed or permanently stained. This will equal greater cleanup and replacement costs.

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  • Using Your Fireplace Safely This Season

    Going into the fall and winter seasons, it is smart to ensure your fireplace safety is up-to-date. By having your chimney inspected, you can help prevent fires and the need for future fire damage restoration. This can also help you avoid potential smoke and water damage restoration services near Portland .

    As you can see in the short video, it is important to have your chimney inspected every season before you use your fireplace. Professional chimney sweepers can ensure the area is clean and safe for use. Keep a fire extinguisher near your fireplace and kitchen too; this can protect you in the event of a fire and minimize smoke damage cleanup. Always check your fire before leaving a room or putting the damper down. This action may prevent a fire and fire damage restoration.

  • Tips for Preventing Fires at Home

    The best way to avoid needing fire damage restoration is to not have a fire in the first place. When your home suffers a fire, the damage does not stop there. Your home will most likely have to undergo fire and water damage restoration, as well as smoke restoration near Portland. Here are some easy tips to prevent a house fire and avoid this lengthy restoration process. smoke alarm on ceiling with smoke

    Keep an Eye on Your Cooking

    One of the most common areas where a fire will start is in the kitchen. When you have an open flame next to various cooking products, you can invite disaster as soon as you step away. You should always stay by your stove, and do not become distracted. Also, be aware of the products you have around your stove, as well as those cooking on it. Aerosol cans and oils should not be kept near any sort of heat source. If you are cooking with oil, always keep an eye on the food. Oil fires can start easily and unexpectedly, and your home can suffer untold amounts of fire damage in just a few seconds.

    Keep an Eye on Your Smoke Detectors

    Smoke detectors are often taken for granted, especially when they start beeping for a new battery. Homeowners disconnect the smoke detector without thinking, and soon, their home may suffer a fire that could have been prevented. Always keep your smoke detectors connected and equipped with working batteries. Not only do some states require this by law, but you can save your home and your family a lot of stress by avoiding smoke restoration.

    Keep an Eye on Your Electrical Cords

    In this world of technological feats, it is easy to plug everything in and not worry about the mess of cords left behind. Electrical fires are one of the top fires found in homes, so keeping cords bunched together for long periods of time can become very dangerous. Always check your cords for frays and cuts. Make sure the outlet itself is properly wired, and never overload a circuit. Use surge protectors and due diligence when inspecting your home for possible fire starters.

  • How to Cut Your Risk of a Chimney Fire

    A chimney fire is a serious danger to your home. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to reduce your risk of a chimney fire. To prevent chimney fires, it is a great idea to have your chimney swept at least once a year. By sweeping your chimney, you will remove any soot or creosote from the interior of your chimney. Additionally, it is also important to schedule regular chimney inspections. In the event that you experience fire damage in your home, a company offering fire restoration in Portland will be there to assist you. By trusting your fire damage restoration and smoke damage restoration services to the professionals, you will be able to return your home to great condition in no time. To learn more about the benefits of professional fire restoration, be sure to watch this video from Love Your Home.