• Spotlight on Commercial Restoration

    Fire, wind, and water: These are all things that can damage your home, and they are the same kinds of things that can damage your place of business. Commercial spaces come in many forms—office buildings, skyscrapers, shopping malls, and schools, to name a few—and they can suffer a great deal of structural and cosmetic damage. Thankfully, these spaces can also be restored to their former glory. If you’re looking for a contractor who provides commercial fire, wind, or water restoration in Portland, go with someone who is highly experienced in the field. Also, opt for a contractor who offers 24-hour emergency restoration services.

    In the aftermath of a disaster, you have to move quickly to repair anything that has been affected by it. In order for your business to fully recover, utilize these necessary commercial restoration services when dealing with: fire and smoke damage, wind or water damage caused by storms, water damage caused by leaking pipes or fixtures, mold infestations, and sewage overflow.

    damage storefront by fire