• Using Your Fireplace Safely This Season

    Going into the fall and winter seasons, it is smart to ensure your fireplace safety is up-to-date. By having your chimney inspected, you can help prevent fires and the need for future fire damage restoration. This can also help you avoid potential smoke and water damage restoration services near Portland .

    As you can see in the short video, it is important to have your chimney inspected every season before you use your fireplace. Professional chimney sweepers can ensure the area is clean and safe for use. Keep a fire extinguisher near your fireplace and kitchen too; this can protect you in the event of a fire and minimize smoke damage cleanup. Always check your fire before leaving a room or putting the damper down. This action may prevent a fire and fire damage restoration.

  • Tips for Preventing Fires at Home

    The best way to avoid needing fire damage restoration is to not have a fire in the first place. When your home suffers a fire, the damage does not stop there. Your home will most likely have to undergo fire and water damage restoration, as well as smoke restoration near Portland. Here are some easy tips to prevent a house fire and avoid this lengthy restoration process. smoke alarm on ceiling with smoke

    Keep an Eye on Your Cooking

    One of the most common areas where a fire will start is in the kitchen. When you have an open flame next to various cooking products, you can invite disaster as soon as you step away. You should always stay by your stove, and do not become distracted. Also, be aware of the products you have around your stove, as well as those cooking on it. Aerosol cans and oils should not be kept near any sort of heat source. If you are cooking with oil, always keep an eye on the food. Oil fires can start easily and unexpectedly, and your home can suffer untold amounts of fire damage in just a few seconds.

    Keep an Eye on Your Smoke Detectors

    Smoke detectors are often taken for granted, especially when they start beeping for a new battery. Homeowners disconnect the smoke detector without thinking, and soon, their home may suffer a fire that could have been prevented. Always keep your smoke detectors connected and equipped with working batteries. Not only do some states require this by law, but you can save your home and your family a lot of stress by avoiding smoke restoration.

    Keep an Eye on Your Electrical Cords

    In this world of technological feats, it is easy to plug everything in and not worry about the mess of cords left behind. Electrical fires are one of the top fires found in homes, so keeping cords bunched together for long periods of time can become very dangerous. Always check your cords for frays and cuts. Make sure the outlet itself is properly wired, and never overload a circuit. Use surge protectors and due diligence when inspecting your home for possible fire starters.

  • The Damage that Smoke Can Do

    Without sufficient smoke damage restoration near Portland, your home and health can suffer temporary and permanent effects from the smoke damage. From increased asthmatic issues to ruined appliances and upholstery, even a little bit of smoke damage can wreak havoc throughout your home. When a fire occurs in your home, do not forget to schedule smoke restoration along with your fire damage restoration services.

    Within a few minutes, smoke can discolor and warp plastics, fabrics, and wood. Porous stones like marble will become discolored permanently. If allowed to linger, even for a few hours, the acidic residue found in soot can tarnish metals and permanently discolor plastic appliances and furniture. If you do not have smoke damage restoration within a few days, you could be looking at yellowed walls, replacing your vinyl flooring, and throwing out a lot of clothes and upholstery. As soon as a fire has been put out, you must call emergency restoration services to take care of all of the aftereffects the fire has left in its wake.

    fire hydrant and hoses

  • Fighting Back Against Fire and Smoke Damage [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When you experience a home fire, getting back to normal is likely to be the first thing on your mind. However, failing to go through the proper fire damage restoration process can leave your home vulnerable to long-term damage and may even put your family in danger. Cleaning up yourself after a fire is not an option, because only a professional fire damage restoration team can determine if your home is structurally safe for your family. Further, smoke damage restoration is almost impossible for a layperson to complete, and failing to thoroughly repair smoke damage means the odor will remain in your home indefinitely. Learn more about coping with fire and smoke damage in this infographic from Great Western Restoration . We provide fire and smoke damage restoration near Portland to help fire victims get their homes back to normal. Contact us for help with fire and smoke damage cleanup, and please share this information to help other homeowners.

    fighting back against fire and smoke infographic

  • Reducing Your Home’s Fire Risk

    One of the best ways to reduce the fire risk in your home is by cleaning your fireplace and chimney . With this regular smoke damage cleanup in Portland, you will reduce the risk of starting a fire and needing emergency restoration services.

    When you watch this video, take note that your chimney should be professionally cleaned every two years or so. This soot and smoke damage cleanup can reduce the risk of starting a fire every time you light wood in your fireplace. You should look for a licensed and insured chimney cleanup company, or a company that specializes in fire and smoke damage restoration. With this professional chimney maintenance, you can continue to enjoy your fireplace without the added worry of starting a fire.

  • Home Fire Hazards to Watch For

    You may think that a house fire could never happen to you, until you are looking at weeks’ worth of fire damage restoration in Portland . There are several fire hazards to look out for at home to keep you from having to deal with fire and smoke damage restoration. close up on dryer with clothes in and door open

    Worn Out Electrical Cords

    The older your electronics become, the more worn out their cords and wiring become. This is most evident when you can see the interior wires and connections through the outer, protective cord casing. If you can see noticeable wear and tear, or even cut and chewing marks, then you are looking at a potential fire hazard. Exposed wiring in your electrical cords, or faulty wiring in your walls, can easily start an electrical fire that could quickly engulf your home. Electrical fires can be particularly dangerous because the electricity could be conducted through the water meant to put it out. If you know you have worn out cords and wiring, call a licensed electrician before your home suffers fire and smoke damage.

    Backed Up Dryer Vent

    Many people do not realize they should be cleaning out more than just their dryer’s lint trap; they should be cleaning out the dryer vent, as well. Lint contains flammable fibers, such as cotton and paper. The more that lint backs up into the vent and the vent hose, the more danger your home might face. Every time your dryer is on, it generates heat. That heat reacts with the lint buildup and can eventually create a fire.

    Unattended Stovetop

    Most people know to not walk away from an open flame on a gas stovetop. However, even if you have an electric stovetop, you should not walk away. Leaving a stovetop unattended can cause a grease fire or burning food. At best, you may only need to deal with smoke restoration, but, at worst, you could have a full-blown fire on your hands. Never leave your kitchen unattended because you could be looking at fire damage restoration before too long.

  • What to Expect During Emergency Restoration Services

    Are you in need of emergency restoration services in Portland? These services are available 24 hours per day for fire damage restoration, water damage repair, or storm damage repair that you may need after an unexpected event or natural disaster. No matter what type of damage you’ve experienced, the restoration process typically follows a particular pattern.

    First, the service will assess the extent of the damage to your home. This involves a quick but thorough inspection, including documentation of the damage and identification of hazardous areas in your home. Next, emergency restoration services will create a restoration plan for getting your house back to its normal state. This plan will likely incorporate several repairs and procedures that depend on the type of damage you have experienced. The company will then have you approve the plan so that you can be confident in the repairs that will take place in your home. Finally, the service will get to work carrying out the action points of the plan. While this is taking place, they will also help you with the insurance claims process so that you get your home life back to normal as quickly as possible.

    interior water damage inspection

  • Reducing Your Risk of Electrical Fire Damage

    Don’t wait until you need fire damage repair in Portland to set up precautions against fire damage. Many homes have hidden electrical fire dangers that could require fire damage restoration services in the case of an emergency. Take the time now to fire-proof your house before an accidental electrical fire takes over. Read on to learn more about reducing your home’s risk of electrical fire damage. electrician installing an electrical fuse box in a house working with pliers on the wiring circuits

    Get Rid of Old Wiring

    Electrical systems can only last for about three or four decades before they need to be replaced. However, many homes in the U.S. contain electrical systems that are over 50 years old, laying the ground for a potential disaster. Older wiring systems were not set up to use the amount of power that homeowners typically require today. If your system is inadequate for modern power usage, you may notice your circuit breaker tripping or have fuses blow repeatedly. The tendency to rely on extension cords also puts your old wiring system at risk. Finally, older homes with aluminum wiring are more prone to electrical fires than others. That’s because aluminum is more readily oxidized than copper, meaning that it doesn’t have the extended life of copper wiring. Get an electrician to take a look at your old electrical system before it is too late—otherwise, you may have to call emergency restoration services instead.

    Avoid Arc Faults

    Although old wiring systems are a major culprit, arc faults are the main cause of electrical fires and the need for electrical fire damage repair. An arc fault is an incident that occurs when an electrical current falls off its intended path. Unfortunately, arc faults can happen pretty easily. The good news is that a device called an arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) can prevent arc faults. While AFCIs are required in most new houses, they’re even more beneficial when used in houses with older wiring systems, where arc faults occur more frequently. Have your electrician replace your old system’s standard circuit breakers with AFCIs to avoid the need for fire restoration services in the future.

  • Putting Out Grease Fires

    You can avoid the need for extensive fire damage repair in Portland by learning how to deal with unexpected fires when they arise. Grease fires are particularly dangerous, as they can escalate quickly and cause a lot of smoke damage. Once you’ve put out a fire, call a fire damage restoration service for smoke damage restoration in your home.

    Watch this video to learn how to put out grease fires. First, turn off the burner. Next, smother the fire with a pan lid. You can also try covering the fire with baking soda or a fire extinguisher. Do not attempt to put the fire out with water, as this can make the fire worse. In addition, do not carry the burning pan outside—the grease may splatter and spread the fire further. Call 911 immediately if the fire gets out of control, and contact emergency restoration services for smoke damage cleanup in your kitchen.

  • Cleaning Your Fire Detectors

    Your fire and smoke detectors are your warning system in the event that a fire breaks out in your home. To make sure that your smoke detector is in proper working condition, you may want to consider cleaning your smoke detectors at routine intervals. To clean your smoke detector, you can use a dry brush or a can of compressed air. In the event that you do experience a fire in your home, you will want to contact a company offering fire damage restoration serving Portland . With the help of a company that specializes in emergency restoration services, you can accomplish your fire damage repair or water mitigation in no time. For additional information about how to clean and care for your smoke detectors, check out this video from eHow at Home: