• Home Fire Hazards to Watch For

    You may think that a house fire could never happen to you, until you are looking at weeks’ worth of fire damage restoration in Portland . There are several fire hazards to look out for at home to keep you from having to deal with fire and smoke damage restoration. close up on dryer with clothes in and door open

    Worn Out Electrical Cords

    The older your electronics become, the more worn out their cords and wiring become. This is most evident when you can see the interior wires and connections through the outer, protective cord casing. If you can see noticeable wear and tear, or even cut and chewing marks, then you are looking at a potential fire hazard. Exposed wiring in your electrical cords, or faulty wiring in your walls, can easily start an electrical fire that could quickly engulf your home. Electrical fires can be particularly dangerous because the electricity could be conducted through the water meant to put it out. If you know you have worn out cords and wiring, call a licensed electrician before your home suffers fire and smoke damage.

    Backed Up Dryer Vent

    Many people do not realize they should be cleaning out more than just their dryer’s lint trap; they should be cleaning out the dryer vent, as well. Lint contains flammable fibers, such as cotton and paper. The more that lint backs up into the vent and the vent hose, the more danger your home might face. Every time your dryer is on, it generates heat. That heat reacts with the lint buildup and can eventually create a fire.

    Unattended Stovetop

    Most people know to not walk away from an open flame on a gas stovetop. However, even if you have an electric stovetop, you should not walk away. Leaving a stovetop unattended can cause a grease fire or burning food. At best, you may only need to deal with smoke restoration, but, at worst, you could have a full-blown fire on your hands. Never leave your kitchen unattended because you could be looking at fire damage restoration before too long.

  • Cleaning Your Fire Detectors

    Your fire and smoke detectors are your warning system in the event that a fire breaks out in your home. To make sure that your smoke detector is in proper working condition, you may want to consider cleaning your smoke detectors at routine intervals. To clean your smoke detector, you can use a dry brush or a can of compressed air. In the event that you do experience a fire in your home, you will want to contact a company offering fire damage restoration serving Portland . With the help of a company that specializes in emergency restoration services, you can accomplish your fire damage repair or water mitigation in no time. For additional information about how to clean and care for your smoke detectors, check out this video from eHow at Home:

  • Is Your Junk Drawer Hiding a Fire Risk?

    No one expects a harmless junk drawer to break out in a fire, but it can happen very easily, and you’ll be calling a fire damage restoration company soon after. As you can see in the video, a loose 9-volt battery can quickly cause a fire, and you’ll be in need of 24-hour emergency restoration in Portland more than you ever thought possible.

    Fire restoration services are there to clean up the aftermath of what is sometimes an afterthought. Batteries are meant to provide power, but it’s not often you might think they could start a fire. To reduce the need of fire damage restoration and smoke damage clean up, put batteries back in their original packaging. You can also use electrical tape to keep batteries from sparking.

  • Tips for Preventing a Kitchen Fire

    A kitchen fire can be a very frightening experience. When a fire breaks out in your kitchen, it is important to act fast to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. In the aftermath of a kitchen fire, you may find that your home has significant fire damage and water damage. Fortunately, with the help of a company offering fire restoration in Portland , you will be able to restore your home as quickly as possible after a kitchen fire. Your team of fire restoration experts will provide you with all of the services you need to return to normal life after a fire. To help you prevent fire damage to your home, here is a look at some essential tips for preventing a kitchen fire and the need for fire restoration. pan on a gas burner

    Pay Attention to Cooking Food

    In order to prevent a kitchen fire in your home, it is of the utmost importance that you pay attention to food that is cooking at all times. When you are sautéing, frying, or broiling ingredients, you should remain attentive to the stove. Walking away from a stove that is in use can put your kitchen at risk for fire. In the event that you must leave during your meal preparation, you should be sure to turn your stove completely off.

    Remove Flammable Materials

    There are many different flammable materials and items that may be found throughout your kitchen. To help reduce your risk of a kitchen fire, it is a great idea to make sure that any flammable materials are moved safely away from your stove area. For example, oven mitts, wooden cooking items, and paper goods should be stored away from open flames.

    Purchase a Fire Extinguisher

    A properly working and maintained fire extinguisher is perhaps your best line of defense against a kitchen fire. By making sure that you have a functioning fire extinguisher in your home, you can help prevent a fire, before it becomes a serious emergency. To make sure that you know how to properly use your fire extinguisher, you may want to take a training course from your local fire department.

  • Preventing Kitchen Fires

    Unattended cooking is among the leading causes of household fires. To prevent fire damage to your home , you can take the steps to prevent kitchen fires.

    If you have found that your cooking grease has caught fire, you should be sure to avoid throwing water on the flames. Instead, you can pour baking soda on the fire. The baking soda will completely suppress the flames. In the event that you do experience flood or fire damage to your home, be sure to schedule fire restoration in Portland. A company offering highly rated fire damage restoration services can completely restore your home to its normal condition. For an in depth look at some great techniques for preventing kitchen fires, be sure to watch this video from KCCI.