• Answering Common Questions About Emergency Restoration Services

    Emergency restoration services near Portland are necessary when a fire, flood, or storm has caused significant damage to a home or building. Emergency services may include water, smoke, or fire damage restoration, depending on the emergency that occurred. However, customers still have some questions about emergency restoration services. Here are the answers to these common questions: woman calling to plumber while leakage water falling into bucket

    When are emergency restoration services available?

    Emergencies can occur at any time, any place, day, or night. Emergency restoration services must be offered and available at any time as well. Most restoration companies that offer emergency restoration will be available seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

    Which types of services are used in emergency restoration?

    Emergency restoration refers to beginning the restoration process as soon as possible. The restoration process could be water damage cleanup, fire and water damage restoration, storm damage repair, and smoke damage cleanup. No matter the restoration needed, emergency restoration services are available to help.

    Who can use emergency restoration services?

    Any home or building that needs restoration services can utilize emergency restoration services. Businesses can flood, catch fire, and undergo storm and wind damage just as easily as a home can. If an emergency occurs to any sort of standing structure, then emergency restoration services can begin the restoration process as soon as possible.

    What happens during the restoration process?

    After the restoration company arrives, the qualified technicians will assess the damage. They will examine the entire building and record the extent of the damage throughout the area. This process will be quick but thorough to ensure damage has not been missed. Once documentation is complete, the restoration plan will be made between the technicians and home or business owner. This plan will lay out all of the necessary restoration services needed to ensure the building is safe and ready for habitation. The restoration process will begin as soon as possible, and the restoration company will work with the insurance companies to simplify the claim’s process.

  • The Importance of Dealing with Damaged Trees Following a Storm

    If a recent storm has blown through, you could be dealing with water damage, storm damage, and wind damage near Portland . Though water damage restoration is a very important task to undertake, you should not neglect your damaged trees and yard either. Storm and wind damage can cause a lot of problems inside and outside of your home, so it is best to assess the damage and call for storm or water damage restoration right away. Let’s take a closer look at why you should deal with your damaged trees.

    When your trees have been damaged, you could be looking at a number of problems for your property and your trees. Fallen trees can become tangled in utility lines, making them exceptionally dangerous. Damaged trees can continue to weaken and fall on your house, vehicle, or nearby person or animal. Even if your damaged trees have done nothing to your property or home, they should still be seen by a qualified restoration service. It is possible to save trees that have been damaged by winds and storms.

    fallen trees in the forest after a storm

  • Using Your Fireplace Safely This Season

    Going into the fall and winter seasons, it is smart to ensure your fireplace safety is up-to-date. By having your chimney inspected, you can help prevent fires and the need for future fire damage restoration. This can also help you avoid potential smoke and water damage restoration services near Portland .

    As you can see in the short video, it is important to have your chimney inspected every season before you use your fireplace. Professional chimney sweepers can ensure the area is clean and safe for use. Keep a fire extinguisher near your fireplace and kitchen too; this can protect you in the event of a fire and minimize smoke damage cleanup. Always check your fire before leaving a room or putting the damper down. This action may prevent a fire and fire damage restoration.

  • Fighting Back Against Fire and Smoke Damage [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When you experience a home fire, getting back to normal is likely to be the first thing on your mind. However, failing to go through the proper fire damage restoration process can leave your home vulnerable to long-term damage and may even put your family in danger. Cleaning up yourself after a fire is not an option, because only a professional fire damage restoration team can determine if your home is structurally safe for your family. Further, smoke damage restoration is almost impossible for a layperson to complete, and failing to thoroughly repair smoke damage means the odor will remain in your home indefinitely. Learn more about coping with fire and smoke damage in this infographic from Great Western Restoration . We provide fire and smoke damage restoration near Portland to help fire victims get their homes back to normal. Contact us for help with fire and smoke damage cleanup, and please share this information to help other homeowners.

    fighting back against fire and smoke infographic

  • Great Western Restoration: The Qualified Choice

    clean trust certified institute of inspection cleaning and restoration certification When homeowners need emergency restoration services near Portland, they know to call Great Western Restoration. With over 20 years of experience and the necessary qualifications for all employees , Great Western Restoration is the only name to trust in fire and water damage restoration.

    Great Western Restoration is a 24-hour emergency restoration company certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC). The IICRC is an international, non-profit organization that certifies restoration companies and employees through certified education. With an IICRC seal of approval, Great Western Restoration is more than equipped to handle all kinds of fire and water damage restoration. They have also been given Lead Safe certification by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, meaning Great Western Restoration is qualified to remove lead-based paints wherever necessary. No matter what type of restoration your home requires—water, smoke, mold, or fire damage restoration—you will be well cared for in the capable hands of Great Western Restoration.

  • What to Expect During Emergency Restoration Services

    Are you in need of emergency restoration services in Portland? These services are available 24 hours per day for fire damage restoration, water damage repair, or storm damage repair that you may need after an unexpected event or natural disaster. No matter what type of damage you’ve experienced, the restoration process typically follows a particular pattern.

    First, the service will assess the extent of the damage to your home. This involves a quick but thorough inspection, including documentation of the damage and identification of hazardous areas in your home. Next, emergency restoration services will create a restoration plan for getting your house back to its normal state. This plan will likely incorporate several repairs and procedures that depend on the type of damage you have experienced. The company will then have you approve the plan so that you can be confident in the repairs that will take place in your home. Finally, the service will get to work carrying out the action points of the plan. While this is taking place, they will also help you with the insurance claims process so that you get your home life back to normal as quickly as possible.

    interior water damage inspection

  • A Look at Common Flood Restoration Procedures

    If you’ve had water damage repair near Portland , you may be familiar with a few common flood restoration procedures. The main goals of water damage restoration are to eliminate the hazards of standing water in your home and repair any damage that has occurred. Read on to learn more about flood restoration procedures that are commonly used by water damage repair services. flooded living room

    Evaluation of Damage

    One of the first things that a water damage restoration service will do is survey the affected area of your home. The service will assess the extent of water damage to your home to determine the best water mitigation methods to use. Finally, the company will measure the contamination levels of the standing water in order to identify any hazardous materials, such as sewage, that are in the water. A professional water damage restoration service may also help you document the areas and items in your house that were damaged by the flooding so that you can correctly file an insurance claim.

    Draining and Drying

    The restoration service will then begin to drain and dry the areas of your home that have been affected by water damage. The methods used in this process will depend on the extent of water saturation and the location of the damage. Machines that are commonly used for this purpose include air movers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, wood floor drying systems, and sub floor drying devices. These various driers may be left in your house for several days in order to promote the drying process. The service will then reevaluate your residence and make any adjustments to the drying plan that they deem necessary.


    Once your home has been sufficiently dried, you may have several restoration projects ahead of you. A water restoration company can help rebuild the structure of your home and its surfaces to their pre-flood state. In addition, they can aid in creating a flood prevention plan in order to prevent future water damage to your newly restored home.

  • What to Do the Day After Your Home Floods

    There are a few things to do after you and your home have suffered a flood. When it comes to water damage repair near Portland, always put your trust in the company with experience and understanding of your situation. There are many things to consider after a flood, and an experienced water damage restoration company will know everything you need done and have the proper tools to complete the cleanup. water damage after flooding in house with furniture floating

    Keep Safety as a Priority

    In any sort of home disaster, safety should always be at the front of your mind. Getting away from the situation might be the safest thing to do. When you return, and your home has been flooded, be careful where you step and what you touch. Depending on what was affected, you might have contaminated water, open electrical wires or appliances, or something unseen in the water that could hurt you.

    Document Everything

    You should have already contacted your insurance and emergency restoration services, but they will probably need pictures of the original damage. Take pictures of the flooding and damaged walls, flooring, and possessions. If you can locate the original leak—such as a broken pipe—take pictures of that, as well.

    Find Water Damage Restoration Services

    Water damage repair involves several steps, and your emergency restoration service can see to all those steps for you. They’ll want to assess the damage, perform water mitigation to get as much water out, and then pull out any drywall, carpeting, or flooring affected by the water damage. Mold and bacteria can form quickly on these surfaces, causing health problems and mold damage throughout the house. Water can also cause your metal appliances to rust and break down plastic objects. Typically, floor fans will be set up and left for hours or days to make sure all the water has evaporated. Once the possibility of mold and other water damages has passed, your restoration services can help you determine the best way to replace your interior and appliances.

  • Essential Flood Prevention Tips

    When you live in a region where tropical storms are prevalent, rainfall averages are high, or drought conditions are frequent, you run the risk of experiencing a flood in your home. Water damage can be costly, and it can destroy your personal items that are simply irreplaceable. In the event that your home sustains water damage after a major storm or catastrophe, contact a professional who offers 24-hour emergency restoration in Portland .

    Unless your house was built on a very tall hill, you should consider taking preventive measures to protect your home from flood damage. An easy way to do this is to keep your drains, gutters, and downspouts clean and clear of obstructions. Watch this video to learn about another effective way to prevent floodwater from infiltrating your home.

  • Spotlight on Commercial Restoration

    Fire, wind, and water: These are all things that can damage your home, and they are the same kinds of things that can damage your place of business. Commercial spaces come in many forms—office buildings, skyscrapers, shopping malls, and schools, to name a few—and they can suffer a great deal of structural and cosmetic damage. Thankfully, these spaces can also be restored to their former glory. If you’re looking for a contractor who provides commercial fire, wind, or water restoration in Portland, go with someone who is highly experienced in the field. Also, opt for a contractor who offers 24-hour emergency restoration services.

    In the aftermath of a disaster, you have to move quickly to repair anything that has been affected by it. In order for your business to fully recover, utilize these necessary commercial restoration services when dealing with: fire and smoke damage, wind or water damage caused by storms, water damage caused by leaking pipes or fixtures, mold infestations, and sewage overflow.

    damage storefront by fire