• The Health Dangers of Sewage Flooding

    When your sewer line clogs or bursts, the health and safety of your family could be at risk. Unlike other types of water damage, sewage flooding can bring bacteria and other very harmful substances into your home. Fortunately, a company offering professional water damage restoration in Portland can ensure that your sewage flood has been completely eliminated from your home. By setting up professional water damage repair, you can remove the signs of flood damage and restore your house to a clean and sanitary condition. Read on to take a closer look at some of the serious health dangers of sewage flooding. microscopic view of e-coli bacteria

    Parasitic Bacteria
    When your home experiences a sewage flood , your property could become contaminated with parasitic bacteria. This type of bacteria is commonly found in the fecal matter of humans, and can linger for an extended period of time in a home’s wastewater and sewage lines. Since parasitic bacteria can cause serious health issues when they enter a person’s system, it is highly important to sanitize your home in the event of a sewer flood.

    Pathogenic Bacteria
    Along with parasitic bacteria, there may also be pathogenic bacteria lingering in your sewage flood water. Parasitic bacteria are all of the bacteria strains that can cause serious illnesses in human beings. Among the types of parasitic bacterium that you may recognize are Salmonella, E. coli, and Streptococcus. To ensure that your household is protected from these pathogens, you should be sure to schedule professional water damage repair services.

    Saprophytic Bacteria
    The final type of bacteria that you may find in your sewage water is saprophytic bacteria. These bacterium live on any organic matter that is dead or decomposing. While saprophytic bacteria is essential to keep solid waste broken down and moving through your septic line, this type of bacteria is also harmful to humans. To ensure your health and safety after a sewage flood, do not hesitate to schedule professional flood repairs.