• Fighting Back Against Fire and Smoke Damage [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When you experience a home fire, getting back to normal is likely to be the first thing on your mind. However, failing to go through the proper fire damage restoration process can leave your home vulnerable to long-term damage and may even put your family in danger. Cleaning up yourself after a fire is not an option, because only a professional fire damage restoration team can determine if your home is structurally safe for your family. Further, smoke damage restoration is almost impossible for a layperson to complete, and failing to thoroughly repair smoke damage means the odor will remain in your home indefinitely. Learn more about coping with fire and smoke damage in this infographic from Great Western Restoration . We provide fire and smoke damage restoration near Portland to help fire victims get their homes back to normal. Contact us for help with fire and smoke damage cleanup, and please share this information to help other homeowners.

    fighting back against fire and smoke infographic

  • Restoring Your Home After Water and Smoke Damage

    Always trust your fire and water damage restoration to a professional and licensed restoration service . Emergency restoration services near Portland should never be handled without a professional, because you can risk further injury to your home and yourself.

    As seen in the short video, emergency restoration services will try to salvage as much of your home and personal belongings as they can. They will take several pictures to help keep track of everything they take out of your home. After the water mitigation and smoke restoration is complete, they will put the furniture and appliances that could be saved back into your home. A licensed restoration company will always keep in contact with you and work to get your home back in order quckly, so be sure to find a professional restoration company following any type of flooding, fire, or other disaster.

  • Cleaning Your Fire Detectors

    Your fire and smoke detectors are your warning system in the event that a fire breaks out in your home. To make sure that your smoke detector is in proper working condition, you may want to consider cleaning your smoke detectors at routine intervals. To clean your smoke detector, you can use a dry brush or a can of compressed air. In the event that you do experience a fire in your home, you will want to contact a company offering fire damage restoration serving Portland . With the help of a company that specializes in emergency restoration services, you can accomplish your fire damage repair or water mitigation in no time. For additional information about how to clean and care for your smoke detectors, check out this video from eHow at Home:

  • Answering Common Questions About Fire Restoration

    A household fire can be a very scary experience for any family. In the event that you do experience a fire in your home, a company offering emergency restoration services will be there to help you. By working with a company offering fire and water damage restoration in Portland, you can rest assured that your cleanup efforts will be in the hands of experts. Your fire restoration team will work quickly and efficiently to make sure that your home is in a safe condition for you and your family to resume occupation. To help you prepare for the unexpected, here is a look at some answers to common questions about fire restoration services. Restoring the aftermath of burning house roof in Portland, OR

    How Do I Schedule Fire Restoration Services?

    After a fire, one of the first questions that you may have is regarding how you will schedule your fire restoration services. Typically, your restoration company will be contacted after you get in touch with your insurance agent. In order to get the most out of your fire cleanup procedure, you will want to find a highly rated company with plenty of experience.

    Can I Clean Up Fire Damage On My Own?

    While it may be tempting to attempt to clean up your fire damage on your own, it is very important to leave these procedures to the professional. Fire damage, soot, and smoke can all cause health and safety hazards for you and your family. By hiring a team of fire damage restoration experts, you will be able to make sure that your home is restored to a clean and safe condition.

    What Types of Procedures Are Required During a Fire Restoration?

    Finally, you may have questions about the procedures that will be required in order to clean up the fire damage in your home. Your fire restoration procedures will be tailored to the type of damage that has occurred to your property. For example, your home may need smoke damage restoration, as well as water damage restoration procedures. With the help of restoration professionals, you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible after a fire.

  • The Importance of Repairing Smoke Damage

    When your home has suffered fire damage, you need to contact a company experienced in fire damage repair in Portland immediately. It may seem like the worst has already happened, but the after effects of fire and smoke damage can be just as devastating as the fire. Often, there are emergency restoration services available to help whenever you’re in need. house damaged by fire

    Protecting Your Family’s Health

    If you have been caught in a fire or inhaled smoke, see a medical doctor immediately. You should also have an expert conduct a thorough smoke damage cleanup throughout your home. Soot and smoke can permeate your entire house, entering the air ducts and ventilation system. If this is not cleaned properly, smoke particles may linger in the house for months, causing various breathing problems throughout your entire respiratory system. The same goes for your family pets, who can be just as susceptible to respiratory damage as humans. Even if you or your family weren’t present during the fire, the after effects can have very serious and lasting consequences.

    Protecting Your Home

    Immediate fire and water restoration are crucial to the continued survival of your home. When soot and smoke are allowed to settle in the carpets, walls, wood, or clothing, they can destroy the material. Soot is a very acidic result of fire, and it will stain and permanently discolor whatever it lands on. Also, if the fire was put out with water, then everything the water touched will need to be replaced or cleaned thoroughly. Water damage restoration is just as important as fire damage repair. Mold will begin to grow within the first two days if the water damage isn’t cleaned up. This mold can seriously affect your family’s health and destroy even more of your home.

    Protecting Your Possessions

    Many times, if an appliance or personal effect was caught in a house fire, it may not be saved. The fire damage may be too great to salvage, but if you contact 24-hour emergency restorations as soon as possible, you might have a chance.

  • Common Causes of Fires at Home

    Fires in the home can be devastating events that lead to the need for fire damage restoration in Portland , or in some cases, the loss of your home. The most common causes of house fires are factors that can be easily prevented. For awareness on these common causes that lead to the need for fire restoration, continue reading. fire extinguisher putting out flame

    Smoking in the House

    Smoking indoors is one of the most common causes of house fires, and one of the most preventable. By smoking outdoors instead, you greatly reduce the chances of a cigarette causing a fire in your home. If someone does smoke in your home, make sure to have ashtrays easily accessible for ashes and be sure that cigarette butts are completely put out before discarding. Even if indoor smoking does not lead to a fire, over the years it can cause smoke damage throughout your home.

    Cooking Hazards

    Kitchen fires are quite common in many households and occur for a number of reasons. Stovetops and ovens should not be left unattended and a fire extinguisher should be kept nearby. When a pot or pan on the stovetop overheats or grease splatters, fire can start and spread within seconds. Be sure to keep items that can catch fire easily—such as oven mitts, paper towels, or kitchen towels—a safe distance away from a stovetop that is in use.

    Holiday Decorations

    While a Christmas tree can be essential to holiday decorations, it can also be a major fire hazard. Live trees easily dry out, so it is important to regularly water a tree as long as it is in the house. Keeping the tree too long after Christmas as it dries out increases the chances of it becoming kindling to a fire. Christmas lights can be hazardous as well, and indoor lights should not be left on for long periods of time or when nobody is home.

    Appliances and Electrical Equipment

    Appliances such as washers and dryers are common causes for house fires. Regular maintenance on appliances insures proper function and reduced risk for possible fires and future fire restoration. Electrical wiring, especially in older homes, can be problematic if faulty.

  • The Importance of Smoke Damage Repair

    In the aftermath of a fire in your home, it is important to act fast to reverse the damaging effects of smoke and soot. Fire damage can escalate the longer it is left to linger on your property. By working with a company offering fire restoration in Portland, you can rest assured that your property is protected from the escalating effects of smoke damage. During a fire damage restoration procedure, your technicians will fully assess the damage to your property. After all of the smoke and soot is removed, you will have a better idea of what surfaces and items can be salvaged, and what will need to be replaced. Read on for more information about the importance of smoke and fire restoration for your home. House fire damage repair in Portland, OR

    Soot Residue Settles Quickly
    After a fire has been extinguished, smoke and soot will continue to cause damage to a property. Once the fire is out, the soot will begin to settle on surface throughout your home within minutes. As this damaging soot sinks into your belongings and property, it causes serious damage.

    Your Whole Home Can Be Affected By Smoke
    Smoke can cause significant damage to your entire home , even if the fire was contained to a single area or room. When smoke particles linger in the air, they can cause corrosion and damage to metal surfaces. In addition, your drywall may begin to discolor and show signs of damage. Finally, carpeted and wooden floors can also develop unsightly stains.

    Fire Restoration Can Prevent Damage
    While the damage that is caused by smoke and soot can create serious issues throughout your home, scheduling fire restoration can prevent smoke damage from becoming a permanent issue. By scheduling fire restoration as soon as possible after a fire, you can help prevent the damaging affects of smoke from taking place. Your restoration specialists will take all of the steps needed to restore your home to its original condition as soon as possible after the fire.

  • What Is the Process for Removing Smoke and Soot After a Fire?

    A household fire is a highly stressful situation for any homeowner. Along with fire damage, your home and personal belongings may also become contaminated from soot and smoke stains that have been left behind after the fire has been extinguished. To restore your home and return to your normal life as soon as possible, it is important to schedule smoke damage and fire restoration repairs with a highly rated company. A company offering fire restoration in Portland will be able to eliminate any trace of smoke or soot from your home. Here is an overview of the process of removing smoke and soot after a fire. Removing smoke and soot after fire by Great Western Restoration

    Restore Circulation
    The first step of removing smoke and soot after a fire is to restore circulation to your indoor spaces. When a home experiences fire damage, a strong odor of smoke can be left behind. In order to remove this smell and restore your indoor air quality, a fire restoration company may place fans throughout your home. In addition, windows can be opened to let fresh air inside.

    Remove All Traces of Soot
    Soot is a black substance that is left behind by a fire. When you experience a household fire, many of your belongings and furnishings may be damaged by soot. A professional restoration company will be able to remove all traces of soot using a powerful vacuum. Along with vacuuming soot from your belongings, your fire restoration technician may also need to use the vacuum to clean your carpets.

    Eliminate Smoke from Fabrics
    The final stage of removing smoke and soot after a fire is to eliminate smoke smells from all of the fabric items in your home. Smoke can linger in your clothing, drapes, and furniture, long after the visible traces of the fire have been removed. By working with a professional restoration service, you will be able to return your home to its original condition.

  • Spotting the Signs of Smoke Damage

    While fire damage can be easily spotted by the average Portland homeowner, smoke damage may be more difficult to track down. Fortunately, with the help of a fire restoration company, you can ensure that all of the smoke damage has been eliminated from your home. After a fire, there are several signs of smoke damage that you should watch out for. Immediately after a fire, you may begin to notice stains on your walls, ceilings, or other plaster surfaces. As the hours pass, you may also begin to notice rust and corrosion on metal hardware throughout your home. In addition, your fabric items may slowly begin to show visible signs of smoke damage. To reverse the effects of smoke damage, you can schedule services with a highly rated company offering fire restoration in Portland. A team of fire damage professionals will be able to remove all of the traces that are left behind by a fire.

    Signs of  smoke damage by Great Wetern Restoration

  • Identifying Different Types of Smoke Damage

    A house fire in Portland is a serious emergency. Once the fire has been put out, you will be faced with a major cleaning project. While the flames of a fire can cause extensive damage to your home, smoke is also a primary cause of damage during a fire. When you schedule a fire damage restoration service in Portland, your technicians will use clues to determine what type of smoke has damaged your home. With professional smoke damage repairs in Portland, you can restore your home to excellent conditions after a fire. If you are facing a fire damage restoration project for your home, here is a look at how to identify smoke damage.

    Identifying Different Types of Smoke Damage Portland Wet Smoke Damage
    Wet smoke damage is caused by fires that smolder or burn at a lower temperature that we experience in Portland. These types of fires produce fewer flames, but generally, create a great deal of smoke. Wet smoke damage is distinguished by its thick coating and very strong smell. If your home has been affected by wet smoke damage, it is important to schedule an appointment for professional smoke damage repair in Portland.

    Dry Smoke Damage
    Unlike wet smoke damage, which is caused by slow-burning fires, dry smoke damage is created by high levels of heat. When a hot, dry fire occurs in your home, it will create smoke damage that is thin, dry, and powdery. As a general rule, the residue that is left by dry smoke damage is often easier to clean that which is left by wet smoke damage.

    Fuel Oil Smoke Damage
    Fuel oil smoke damage is another more unusual type of smoke damage. If a fire is caused by flames in an oil-burning furnace, your home may be affected by fuel oil smoke damage. This type of damage creates a very strong odor, and can completely destroy couches or other upholstered items. Your smoke damage repair expert can help identify the type of smoke damage that has affected your home.