Common Types of Mold in Portland

When your home experiences water damage in Portland, mold removal may be at the top of your list of concerns. As moisture is left to sit inside a home, a variety of types of mold can begin to grow and thrive. To get the most out of your water restoration, you may want to get familiar with the types of mold that may be growing in your home. A common mold type is known as Aspergillus. This green mold can grow on many different organic materials, including wood and food items. A more serious type of household mold is black mold, or Cladosporium. This type of mold typically grows in dark, damp spaces around the home. Black mold is a concern for homeowners due to its potential for creating serious health problems in people. No matter what type of mold you have growing in your home, a professional mold cleaning company in Portland will be able to eliminate your mold issue for good.

green moldy old wood

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