Handling a House Flood Following a Burst Pipe

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In the event your home has suffered a burst pipe and house flood, you want to remain calm as you call for water damage cleanup near Portland. In addition to saving as many of your possessions as possible, water damage restoration can prevent health problems . It is necessary that restoration services arrive right away. water valve with handles

Practice Safety First

Above everything else, you should always practice safety when dealing with a house flood. Do not approach an electric device that has been exposed to water. Keep your skin and body protected when walking through a flooded area. Call the appropriate utility services to turn off any affected utilities.

Turn Off the Water

To prevent further flooding, turn off the water supply to the burst pipe and anywhere else that has been affected. This will better help you to focus on remove the water and making the appropriate next steps.

Call Emergency Restoration Services

As soon as you are able to, call for water mitigation and emergency restoration services. These professionals are trained and experienced in all types of damage. Restoration services can remove the excess water and start the drying process. Water restoration services can also locate and prevent potential problems with mold as a result of the house flood. If there are further issues resulting from the house flood—such as mold damage—then call your restoration services for further instructions.

Protect Undamaged Possessions

If you can do so safely, remove your undamaged and dry possessions as soon as possible. This should include any electronic devices, linens, photographs, and sentimental items. Other personal possessions that have been affected by the water should be handled by your water damage restoration professionals. These items may be carrying dangerous toxins, chemicals, and bacteria. They should only be handled by those trained in water damage restoration.

Follow Restoration Protocols

Your restoration services will most likely leave you with certain instructions, such as leaving drying fans on for a period of time. Follow these instructions so that your family does not suffer health problems and your home can be repaired in a timely manner.