Homeowners Insurance and Mold Recovery

Mold and mildew are dreaded by any homeowner. In the event that you find mold in attic, basement, or other spaces throughout your home, you will get the best mold removal results by working with a highly skilled mold and water restoration company.

Before scheduling your mold removal, you may want to determine whether this service will be covered by your homeowners insurance. Black mold removal is typically covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy if the mold was caused by sudden peril, such as a burst or leaky pipe. By contrast, black mold that has resulted from general household neglect may not be covered by your insurance plan. To figure out whether your mold removal will be covered by your policy, you can get in touch with an insurance agent. Once you have figured out whether your insurance will help to cover the cost of mold cleaning, you will be ready to contact a water damage restoration company in Portland .

Homeowners Insurance and Mold Recovery Portland

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