How to Prepare Your Home for a Storm

Storm Ahead Signboard

When a storm hits, there is not a lot you can do to avoid storm damage in Portland unless you plan ahead. As a homeowner, there are steps you can take to protect your home, even when an unexpected storm hits. Read on for tips to prepare your home for a storm and reduce the severity of storm damage. Storm Ahead Signboard

Home Maintenance

By taking care of your home on a regular basis, you can prevent the amount of storm damage that could potentially occur. Cut down tree branches that are near windows and doors, since trees can cause a lot of damage to your home during a storm. Regularly check the condition of your roof to ensure it is in good condition. A damaged roof can lead to leaks and possible flood damage. Regularly clean gutters and storm drains, so that during a storm they are able to properly drain. Installing items such as window shutters and roof clips can also prevent damage to your home during a storm.

Safety Precautions

Insure your home and become familiar with your coverage. Flood damage can vary on different policies, so be sure to know what is covered. You should also keep an updated list of your valuables. If a storm is approaching, secure any loose items that are kept outside. Know how to turn off water and gas in your home. If you store any chemicals, keep them above ground level.

Storm Plan

You should have an established storm plan ahead of time, so that when there is a storm you can follow the protocol to stay safe. Identify the safest place of your home during a storm, which in many cases is the basement. If you do not have a basement, a ground level room away from windows and doors is a safe location. Have an emergency kit ready to go stocked with essentials such as a first aid kit, water, batteries, flashlights, and non-perishable food. Having a kit prepared ahead of time will help avoid last minute rushes to the grocery store.