Identifying Different Types of Storm Damage

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Storm damage in Portland can be devastating when conditions allow for it. A bad storm system can dump a lot of rain over an area in a short period of time, causing floods and mudslides. Powerful winds can wreak havoc on roofs, cause tree branches—and trees themselves—to fall, and cause citywide power outages. There are many types of storm damage, each one with its distinguishing features. If your home has been beaten up by a storm, contact a professional who offers flood and water restoration, water mitigation, and 24-hour emergency restoration services. roof damage restoration

Roof Damage

Roofs are highly susceptible to storm damage, especially older ones or ones that have not been properly maintained. During severe storms, your roof’s shingles can become bruised or dented, which means they may need to be repaired or replaced. Shingles can also become dislodged from your roof and blown away, requiring replacement. Roofs with missing shingles or flashing can allow unwanted water to infiltrate your home, giving rise to other problems like wood rot and mold infestations. If your roof is composed of asphalt shingles, they can loose their granules, which can accumulate in gutter systems and create blockages, flooding your roof.

Exterior Wall Damage

Like roofs, the exterior of your home is vulnerable to severe storms. Strong winds and pelting hail can cause denting in siding or cracking in stucco. They can also be responsible for chipped or peeling paint. Strong winds can also lift up and move items that are not bolted down or properly secured like patio furniture, slamming them against your home. If you notice any storm damage to your exterior walls, fix them as soon as possible.

Window Damage

Windows need to be protected during storms, especially from strong winds. In areas that experience high winds, protective storm shutters should be installed to protect windows. But even with these specialized shutters, windows can still become cracked, damaged, or shattered. If you’ve recently weathered a powerful storm, check your window casings for signs of damage. If you have shattered windows, be careful around them and be mindful of shards of glass. Board up your windows and call a window-repair specialist.