Identifying Different Types of Smoke Damage

A house fire in Portland is a serious emergency. Once the fire has been put out, you will be faced with a major cleaning project. While the flames of a fire can cause extensive damage to your home, smoke is also a primary cause of damage during a fire. When you schedule a fire damage restoration service in Portland, your technicians will use clues to determine what type of smoke has damaged your home. With professional smoke damage repairs in Portland, you can restore your home to excellent conditions after a fire. If you are facing a fire damage restoration project for your home, here is a look at how to identify smoke damage.

Identifying Different Types of Smoke Damage Portland Wet Smoke Damage
Wet smoke damage is caused by fires that smolder or burn at a lower temperature that we experience in Portland. These types of fires produce fewer flames, but generally, create a great deal of smoke. Wet smoke damage is distinguished by its thick coating and very strong smell. If your home has been affected by wet smoke damage, it is important to schedule an appointment for professional smoke damage repair in Portland.

Dry Smoke Damage
Unlike wet smoke damage, which is caused by slow-burning fires, dry smoke damage is created by high levels of heat. When a hot, dry fire occurs in your home, it will create smoke damage that is thin, dry, and powdery. As a general rule, the residue that is left by dry smoke damage is often easier to clean that which is left by wet smoke damage.

Fuel Oil Smoke Damage
Fuel oil smoke damage is another more unusual type of smoke damage. If a fire is caused by flames in an oil-burning furnace, your home may be affected by fuel oil smoke damage. This type of damage creates a very strong odor, and can completely destroy couches or other upholstered items. Your smoke damage repair expert can help identify the type of smoke damage that has affected your home.