Understanding the Most Common Types of Portland Storm Damage

Inclement weather can be an inconvenience, but serious weather can lead to costly storm damage in Portland. Storm damage may occur as a result of a tornado, a hurricane, hail, or even just a big rainstorm. This can lead to a flooded basement, broken windows, and many other issues. It helps to understand the different kinds of storm damage in order to be prepared if you live in a high-risk area. Read on if you are interested in understanding the most common types of storm damage.


The severity of a hailstorm may vary based on a number of factors, but it has the potential to inflict severe damage to your property as well as your person. Hail may fall from the sky in chunks as large as baseballs, which can cause severe injuries and potentially death. It is important to consider your personal safety and the safety of your family before worrying about property damage. Hailstorms are made even more dangerous by the other elements that typically accompany them. These elements include strong winds and heavy lightning, which can knock down trees and power lines in your neighborhood. Be mindful of structural integrity when evaluating the damage the storm has inflicted, and wait until the storm is completely over to do so.



A light breeze might be refreshing if you are feeling stuffy, but a tornado can tear entire towns apart. If your local weather station has issued a tornado watch, this means that the necessary factors are in place for a tornado to form. A tornado warning is one step more severe and indicates that a weather radar has picked up a tornado. If your weather station issues a tornado watch or warning, it is important to stay updated and keep an eye on the weather due to the speed at which tornados can form.


There are many elements that make a hurricane so dangerous, including strong winds and flooding. These elements may contribute to wind damage as well as water damage, so it is important to take preventative steps. Hurricanes are most likely to occur in Portland between June and November.