Reducing Potential Damage from Floods

The winter season is in full swing, so now is the perfect time to ensure that your home and property are protected from flood damage during this wet season. Heavy rains and other unforeseen weather incidents can cause extensive flooding to the interior and exterior of your home. Fortunately, a company offering water damage restoration near Portland can assist you with your flood clean up needs. With a few preventative measures, you can prevent the need for flood restoration services in the future. Here is a look at some tips for reducing potential damage from floods. Reducing Potential Damage from Floods Portland

Install Flood Proof Materials
One of the best ways to reduce potential damage from floods is to install flood proof materials around your property. For example, you can protect the interior of your home by applying a waterproof coating to your walls. In addition, you can equip your doors, windows, and other openings with water tight shields. With these flood proof materials in place, you can rest assured that your home is protected from water damage.

Raise Your Electrical System
Flooding can also cause damage to your home electrical system. To protect your home against electrical damage during a flood, you may want to consider raising the main components of your electrical system. By ensuring that the electrical components of your home are at least twelve inches above the anticipated flood level, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your house will not short circuit in a storm.

Install Sewer Backflow Valves
Sewer backflow is another cause for concern during a flood. If your sewer lines become flooded with rainwater, there is a chance that sewage could seep back into the interior of your home. Sewer backflow valves will prevent this type of flooding emergency. Your flood restoration service experts can recommend the best products and services to protect your home during the upcoming season.