Reducing Your Risk of Electrical Fire Damage

electrician installing an electrical fuse box in a house working with pliers on the wiring circuits

Don’t wait until you need fire damage repair in Portland to set up precautions against fire damage. Many homes have hidden electrical fire dangers that could require fire damage restoration services in the case of an emergency. Take the time now to fire-proof your house before an accidental electrical fire takes over. Read on to learn more about reducing your home’s risk of electrical fire damage. electrician installing an electrical fuse box in a house working with pliers on the wiring circuits

Get Rid of Old Wiring

Electrical systems can only last for about three or four decades before they need to be replaced. However, many homes in the U.S. contain electrical systems that are over 50 years old, laying the ground for a potential disaster. Older wiring systems were not set up to use the amount of power that homeowners typically require today. If your system is inadequate for modern power usage, you may notice your circuit breaker tripping or have fuses blow repeatedly. The tendency to rely on extension cords also puts your old wiring system at risk. Finally, older homes with aluminum wiring are more prone to electrical fires than others. That’s because aluminum is more readily oxidized than copper, meaning that it doesn’t have the extended life of copper wiring. Get an electrician to take a look at your old electrical system before it is too late—otherwise, you may have to call emergency restoration services instead.

Avoid Arc Faults

Although old wiring systems are a major culprit, arc faults are the main cause of electrical fires and the need for electrical fire damage repair. An arc fault is an incident that occurs when an electrical current falls off its intended path. Unfortunately, arc faults can happen pretty easily. The good news is that a device called an arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) can prevent arc faults. While AFCIs are required in most new houses, they’re even more beneficial when used in houses with older wiring systems, where arc faults occur more frequently. Have your electrician replace your old system’s standard circuit breakers with AFCIs to avoid the need for fire restoration services in the future.