Responding After a Household Fire

Restoration of house destroyed by fire by Great Western Restoration

Much like a flood, a household fire can be a terrifying and damaging experience. It will require smoke damage repair and fire damage restoration in Portland. For your own safety and the safety of others, it is important to know how to react to this type of ordeal. Keep reading to learn how to respond after a household fire.

Restoration of house destroyed by fire by Great Western Restoration

Tending to Injuries
It is always important to have a plan when it comes to exiting your house during a fire so that everyone comes out safely and efficiently. However, sometimes injuries happen nonetheless. Your first priority after a household fire should be to make sure that any wounds that may have been sustained are treated. Call the appropriate medical professionals, and in the meantime clean out smaller wounds with soap and water. Bandage the wounds and be sure to change the bandages if they become soiled.

Cooperating with the Fire Department
When the fire department arrives, it is important to offer your full cooperation. Some people may be tempted to run back into the house for things like prized possessions or pets, but it is crucial that you let the fire department handle the situation. Try to keep calm and help anyone else who was involved in the fire. Never enter the house again before the fire department tells you that it is safe.

Entering the House
You must wear the proper clothing in order to enter your house again. This includes a shirt with long sleeves, pants, closed-toed shoes or boots, and gloves. You should also be wearing safety goggles and a dust mask, and in some situations a hardhat. Your house may not only be affected from the fire damage, but also water damage from the firefight, depending on the severity of the fire.

After a household fire, the most important response is to make sure that everyone is safe. Tend to any injuries that may have occurred, and cooperate with the fire department. Do not attempt to enter the home again until it has been declared safe to do so. When you do enter, wear the appropriate clothing in order to remain as safe as possible.