Steps to Take Following a Home Fire

Reducing Home Fire Risks in Portland, OR

house fire at night A home fire can be a stressful event, causing damage to your home and your belongings as well as posing a safety hazard to your family. After a home fire, taking the right steps will make the recovery and fire clean up process much easier. After contacting your insurance, get in touch with a professional service to discuss fire damage restoration in Portland to return your home to its pre-fire condition.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company can help guide you through the fire clean up and recovery process. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after a fire to discuss your needs with your agent. He can tell you which information your insurance company requires regarding the fire, such as a list of damage or items lost and their worth. Your insurance agent can also help you with hotel accommodations if necessary.

Assess the Damage

Once your home is safe to enter, it’s important to assess the damage caused by the fire and any firefighting efforts. This may include smoke damage, water damage, mold, and collapse caused by structural deterioration due to the fire. Always take care when entering a structure that has been affected by fire. If you aren’t sure whether it is safe, contact your fire department for help.

Schedule Fire Damage Repair

Returning your home to its pre-fire condition requires the help of a professional fire damage repair service. This service will handle structural damage, smoke damage , water damage, carpet cleaning, and mold removal if necessary. In many cases a professional fire damage repair service can also help you restore belongings that have been damaged by smoke or water. The goal of fire damage repair is to completely restore or replace all components of your home that were damaged in the fire so you can return to your daily life.

Fire damage can have far-reaching effects on your home and your belongings. Working with your insurance and a fire damage restoration service can minimize the impact of a home fire on your quality of life.