The Damage that Smoke Can Do

fire hydrant and hoses

Without sufficient smoke damage restoration near Portland, your home and health can suffer temporary and permanent effects from the smoke damage. From increased asthmatic issues to ruined appliances and upholstery, even a little bit of smoke damage can wreak havoc throughout your home. When a fire occurs in your home, do not forget to schedule smoke restoration along with your fire damage restoration services.

Within a few minutes, smoke can discolor and warp plastics, fabrics, and wood. Porous stones like marble will become discolored permanently. If allowed to linger, even for a few hours, the acidic residue found in soot can tarnish metals and permanently discolor plastic appliances and furniture. If you do not have smoke damage restoration within a few days, you could be looking at yellowed walls, replacing your vinyl flooring, and throwing out a lot of clothes and upholstery. As soon as a fire has been put out, you must call emergency restoration services to take care of all of the aftereffects the fire has left in its wake.

fire hydrant and hoses

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