Tips for Preventing Storm and Wind Damage

lightning strike on a house

As a homeowner, not many things are more aggravating than having to deal with storm and wind damage in Portland , which can manifest as a flooded basement or a destroyed roof. The severity of the situation is dependent on the conditions that caused the damage, and those conditions can be way beyond the control of any homeowner. However, there are ways to prevent strong rain and windstorms from ravishing your home. To protect your home and family from storm and wind damage, set up a routine maintenance plan that includes performing upkeep tasks during the mild seasons.

For instance, inspect your gutter systems to make sure that they are clean and clear of blockages. If there are large trees growing close to your home, be sure to trim back hefty branches that protrude over your roof. During a violent storm, these branches can snap and come crashing down. Perform a cursory examination of your roof and check for damaged or missing roofing materials. Also, address any sloping issues on your property that could allow water to infiltrate your home. When in doubt, consult with a professional who offers storm, wind damage, and home restoration services.

lightning strike on a house

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