Water Damage: What to Discard and What to Repair

Things to Recover After Water Damage

From plumbing leaks to a flooded basement, there are a variety of scenarios that can cause water damage to your home. If you are faced with a water damage emergency, a company offering water damage restoration services will help you clear away the damage and return your home to beautiful and habitable condition. After your home experiences water damage, you will be faced with the tough decision of which items can be repaired, and which will need to be discarded and replaced. A company offering water damage restoration in Portland will be able to help you with this important step of home repairs. Read on for more information about choosing what to repair and what to discard after a home flood. moldy pages of a book

Carpet and Carpet Backing
Carpet and carpet backing can typically be restored after a flooding event. If your home has suffered from water damage, it is essential to have a technician dry your carpets within 48 hours. Within two days after the water damage has occurred, your carpets can begin to grow mold and mildew.

Upholstered Furniture
When deciding whether to repair or replace upholstered furniture, you will need to consider the level of the water damage , as well as the value of the piece itself. A water damage restoration company will be able to remove excess water with an extraction vacuum. If a valuable piece of furniture becomes stained or otherwise damaged by water, you may want to contact a furniture repair company for reupholstering services.

Books and Paper Items
In the aftermath of a home flooding emergency, you will typically need to discard any books or paper items that have been damaged by water. When paper gets wet, it can create the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. If important documents have become damaged by water, you may want to make photocopies of their contents before discarding them.