What Is the Process for Removing Smoke and Soot After a Fire?

A household fire is a highly stressful situation for any homeowner. Along with fire damage, your home and personal belongings may also become contaminated from soot and smoke stains that have been left behind after the fire has been extinguished. To restore your home and return to your normal life as soon as possible, it is important to schedule smoke damage and fire restoration repairs with a highly rated company. A company offering fire restoration in Portland will be able to eliminate any trace of smoke or soot from your home. Here is an overview of the process of removing smoke and soot after a fire. open window in cottage

Restore Circulation
The first step of removing smoke and soot after a fire is to restore circulation to your indoor spaces. When a home experiences fire damage, a strong odor of smoke can be left behind. In order to remove this smell and restore your indoor air quality, a fire restoration company may place fans throughout your home. In addition, windows can be opened to let fresh air inside.

Remove All Traces of Soot
Soot is a black substance that is left behind by a fire. When you experience a household fire, many of your belongings and furnishings may be damaged by soot. A professional restoration company will be able to remove all traces of soot using a powerful vacuum. Along with vacuuming soot from your belongings, your fire restoration technician may also need to use the vacuum to clean your carpets.

Eliminate Smoke from Fabrics
The final stage of removing smoke and soot after a fire is to eliminate smoke smells from all of the fabric items in your home. Smoke can linger in your clothing, drapes, and furniture, long after the visible traces of the fire have been removed. By working with a professional restoration service, you will be able to return your home to its original condition.

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