Why Immediate Response Is Important Following a Disaster

It is smarter to call for emergency restoration services when the emergency occurs, rather than days or weeks later. Immediate response to fire and water restoration in Portland is necessary to protect your family’s health, your home, and your personal possessions. Continue reading to learn why immediate emergency restoration services is important following a disaster in your home. smoke billowing out of a house

More Saved Items

The faster that emergency restoration services arrive at your door, then the more items that can be saved. No matter the cause of the damage—water and fire being the most common—your house and personal possessions will only become more damaged with time. Fire and smoke damage can irreparably discolor various materials within hours. Water can leave various bacteria and chemicals that could cause health problems and mold growth. Both of these damaging elements must be addressed right away to save as much of your house and possessions as possible.

Less Repair Costs

If water and fire damage repair is put off, then more repairs will be needed. Smoke and soot can damage your paint, flooring, linens, and furniture, if they are not cleaned right away. If smoke and soot is allowed to linger, even for a few days, then you will be repairing or replacing many more items in your home than needed. When water mitigation is put off, your family and your home are likelier to suffer greater health and repair problems. Water damage can lead to mold growth, which may bring on severe respiratory issues. No matter the hour, call for 24-hour emergency restoration so that you will not have further repair costs in the future.

Fewer Restoration Needs

When your water or fire damage is addressed right away, then you will not need to call for further restoration services down the road. For example, if you allow water damage cleanup to wait, then you will most likely need water damage restoration as well as mold removal services. Problems with mold can be avoided, if water damage is addressed right away.

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