Identifying Siding Damage in Portland, OR

Fix Siding Damage with Great Western Restoration & Remodeling

Storm and wind damage is no laughing matter, and even less so when that damage affects your Portland, OR home’s siding. Siding damage is more than just a hindrance to your curb appeal; it can have significant consequences if ignored. When you suspect siding damage after a storm, there’s no better disaster recovery service to call than Great Western Restoration & Remodeling. We realize disaster recovery is about more than just home repairs; it’s about dealing with the emotional and mental hardships as well. Although we can’t undo your trauma, we can lessen the burden by taking care of the difficult repair work and helping you get back to life as usual. For siding damage big and small, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of highly-trained technicians.

Common Examples of Siding Damage After a Storm

Storms damage siding in a plethora of ways. Unfortunately, some of these are challenging to identify with the untrained eye. Great Western Restoration & Remodeling is here to help you recognize the signs of siding damage before the issues worsen. Look for the following signs and risk factors when evaluating the condition of your home’s siding:

  • Breaks: Storms typically come with some sort of flying debris, be it tree branches, hail, or something in between. Flying objects pose a danger to your siding, as they can cause pieces of siding to break off entirely.
  • Chips or cracks: While less obvious than breaks, small chips and cracks can still compromise the integrity of your siding. As soon as you notice them, be sure to call a professional for help.
  • Mold: Particularly if you have wood siding, you’ll need to be careful of mold. Some mold is visible to the naked eye, and you may smell a strange odor associated with it. Get in touch with mold removal experts right away.
  • Oxidation marks: If you notice discoloration throughout your siding after a storm, it can be tempting just to paint over it. However, these oxidation marks are often a sign that your siding is damaged and needs to be replaced.
  • Warping: Warping and buckling are common forms of storm damage when it comes to siding. Be on the lookout for these, especially with vinyl siding.

How Do I Recover from Siding Damage?

Once you’ve identified siding damage, it’s time to get started on the recovery process. This is a multi-step process for most storm damage cases. First, you’ll need to match new materials to your current materials. Most times, this isn’t too difficult, but in many cases, your brand of siding may have been discontinued. Our team can help you decide whether it’s best to re-side your whole house or to find the next closest match. After storm damage, you may also want to make a claim with your insurance company. Homeowners should have an understanding of what their insurance policy covers, as it could include provisions for residing. To make the claims process easier, Great Western Restoration & Remodeling is happy to evaluate the siding damage at your property and help you make the decision on whether or not to file a claim.

Working with a Professional Gets You Best Results

If you’ve already dealt with the trauma of storm damage, it’s tempting to forego professional help and do it yourself. While this may be an option, most homeowners greatly benefit from working with a professional. Insurance companies tend to respect the opinion of a reputable contractor, and a siding expert will help you make the best decision for your family and your wallet. You won’t need to worry about missing some damage or not having the tools to fix the problem. An experienced professional like Great Western Restoration & Remodeling will make sure you recover right.

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No matter how you look at it, cleaning up after storm damage is tedious and even traumatic. However, Great Western Restoration & Remodeling is here to make the process a little easier for Portland, OR residents. We’ve worked with numerous clients on siding repair, as well as water damage restoration, mold removal, and much more. Our team is always happy to evaluate your home’s exterior and recommend repairs to keep your home in working order. Even when siding damage isn’t apparent, identifying issues early is crucial to the structural integrity of your house. The safety of our clients is paramount to us, and we want to help you regain a safe and secure home after storm or wind damage. Contact our team today to learn more about siding damage and ways to recover.

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