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Providing Premier Water Damage Restoration in Portland

Storms can cause immense damage to Portland, OR homes, especially through flooding. Fixing a flooded house is no easy task. Besides cleaning the actual water out of your home, you need to think about mold removal, safety concerns, and finding disaster recovery services you can trust. Great Western Restoration & Remodeling strives to be a reliable provider of water damage restoration in the area, with highly-trained technicians and the utmost compassion for our clients. We understand storm damage is traumatic and sometimes results in greater tragedy than just water damage. Our team is here to help you navigate the repair process while keeping in mind your emotional and mental wellbeing. Learn more about water damage restoration from our expert technicians.

Be Aware of Different Types of Water Damage

Water damage is among the most common outcomes of severe storms. While we often use “water damage” as a catch-all term, there are several different forms of water damage that may be caused by a storm or strong winds. The first type of water damage comes from clean water. Clean water is not immediately dangerous and often comes from breaks in appliances or rainwater. In most minor cases, it’s safe for homeowners to clear clean water without professional help. However, if clean water flooding is left unchecked, it can become a more serious risk to your health and that of your family.

What Happens When Clean Water is Left Untreated?

If you don’t act quickly to clear clean water, you’ll have a case of greywater on your hands. Greywater refers to wastewater from bathtubs, sinks, dishwashers, and more. In short, greywater is any dirty water that doesn’t contain human waste. Storms cause greywater flooding when they result in overflowing plumbing or broken pipes. Although greywater isn’t the most dangerous kind of flooding, it may contain pathogens that result in illness. Therefore, you’ll want to start the cleanup process right away. Some homeowners have the protective gear and tools to clean up greywater successfully. Still, in nearly every case, it’s preferable to call in the professionals from Great Western Restoration & Remodeling.

Blackwater: The Most Dangerous Type of Flooding

Left unaddressed, greywater can progress to blackwater in just 48 hours. Blackwater refers to water contaminated with fecal matter, illness-causing pathogens, and other toxins. This type of flooding may also come from sinks used to prepare food and anywhere that harbors potentially dangerous bacteria. Major storms that involve seawater or flooding from lakes and rivers may also cause blackwater flooding in Portland-area homes. Whenever you suspect blackwater flooding in your home, get in touch with a professional. Prolonged contact with blackwater is hazardous for humans and animals alike, and it’s your best bet to eliminate the threat as soon as possible.

How to Respond to Storm Water Damage

Whether you have a flooded house or need mold removal, you’ll want to respond right away. Even if you’re sure to be dealing with clean water, a quick response saves you the hassle and health issues in the future. Firstly, be sure to turn off any electrical power and get rid of damaged or wet food. Never wade through dark water, as there may be something sharp waiting underneath. Once you’re sure it’s safe, you can begin drying your flooded house as best as possible. Open windows and blow air throughout your home to promote drying and prevent the need for mold removal later. You can also begin picking up debris, so long as you’re sure it’s safe. Now that your home is clear, you can assess the extent of the damage and reach out to your insurance company.

Start Professional Water Damage Restoration

After storm damage, you’ll likely want to get started on repairs as soon as possible. You may be able to take care of small damages yourself, but Great Western Restoration & Remodeling is always your best bet for full repairs. We provide estimates on our disaster recovery services and always keep to your budget. Keep in mind that you may need to find temporary housing while our team is hard at work. We’ll work with you to identify what needs to be repaired and help navigate getting city permits if need be. Whatever the extent of your water damage, make sure to get professional help with the restoration team at our company.

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When disaster strikes, Portland, OR knows the best place to call for water damage restoration. Great Western Restoration & Remodeling has an excellent track record of working with clients compassionately and helping them return to life-as-usual as soon as possible. We can’t undo emotional or mental trauma caused by significant storm damage, but we can make the repair process that much easier. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you.

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